My Services

I'm a channel for the Goddess Freya and provide straight-shooting readings with love, humor, and wisdom. I use the Tarot of the Crone, Runes, and direct channeling to help guide you on your path. I love helping folks who are at a crossroads or just discovering their guides and spiritual gifts. LGBTQIA folk are also near and dear to my heart.


I am gifted with all the “Clairs,” which means I get visions from Spirit, my guides whisper in my ear, I get information dropped straight into my brain from Spirit, aka clear knowing. I feel things in my body, smell things, etc. Basically, Spirit gives me the info in whatever way I need it to in order to get the message across, and I pass that information on to you.

WORD TO THE WISE: It might not always be what you want to hear or even ask about, but it’s the message that Spirit thinks is the most important for you to have at this moment, on this topic. I am just a messenger, passing this along, so please know that what I say is passed straight from Spirit, your Guides, and the Divine, straight to you. It may not be what you want, but it will definitely be what you need.

One thing I will guarantee is that I will always, always, always tell you the truth, even if it’s difficult, but I’ll do it with a kind, open heart that's here to support you and lift you up. I can’t wait to be of service!


Psychic Reading

I use my tarot cards as well as psychic channeling to get you insights on love, career, your spiritual path, as well as to connect with your Guides! 

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Spiritual Healing

I use a healing fire I received from the Angels Sandalphon and Gabriel to cleanse and restore you on an energetic level. I get visions as I go, so you get a reading and a healing at the same time, depending on what Spirit wants to show you. 

This works wonderfully even over Zoom, text, or the phone! I can absolutely connect with your energy any time, anywhere.