About Freya

I realize now that I've always been gifted, but as a child, I thought I just knew things about people and had dreams given to me by God. After my Spiritual Awakening in 2014, things started falling into place and I began putting my gifts to good use. I started doing professional tarot and rune readings that same year. My readings are very straightforward, but highly empathic and compassionate. I will always tell the truth, even if it's difficult to hear, but do so with love, humor, and wisdom.

I am also a Hoodoo practitioner and a Spiritual Healer. In 2021, the angels Sandalphon and Gabriel came to me and gave me a healing fire that comes out of my hands. It's like reiki x 100 and is extremely powerful. It's deeply cleansing, and heals folks on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I also receive visions from Spirit as I go, so it's like a reading as well as a healing. During these sessions I also remove any entities or unwanted cords attached to you.

I love helping people discover their own gifts, and deities often send folks to me who they've been trying to get in touch with, so don't be surprised if a Guide pops up during our sessions! I can't wait to  meet you and help guide you on your path.

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